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Tommy & Justine, USA

"Before the Immigration Blueprint Course we had been casually discussing moving to Canada "as soon as the time felt right" in the future. 
Not only do we now know that our immigration dreams are possible, but the Immigration Blueprint Course helped us to plan our immigration pathway (with contingencies!) in such detail that we feel very confident we can achieve this dream as long as we stick to our plan.
We would absolutely recommend the Immigration Blueprint Course to anyone wanting to take control of their future and plan their pathway to immigrate to Canada. "



We will get to know you so we can help to architect your journey with guidance aligned with your goal. Build your Immigration Blueprint™ from start to finish with The Second Passport Team.


To compliment the video lessons, you are given access to free comprehensive resources designed to teach you more about Canadian immigration and The Immigration Success System™


We welcome you to our Public Facebook Community where you can connect with people just like you! If you have questions throughout the course, our support team is happy to guide you where needed.

Neil, USA

"I participated in the Immigration Blueprint Course and learned about the whole process of applying for permanent residency. Soon after completing the course, I submitted my PR application.
I recommend the course to anyone considering applying for Canadian permanent residency. Brandon certainly knows his stuff, and does a good job of explaining not just the legal technicalities of the programs and the immigration process, but also the unwritten rules to follow that can lead to a successful application."



You will be introduced to Canada, the Immigration System, and The Immigration Success System. We will examine why people come to Canada, the benefits of Canadian Citizenship, and what it really takes to come to Canada. This will also be a preview of what we will cover in the course together.

By the end of this session you will have a brief understanding of Canada; the common pathways to Immigrate to Canada; and an understanding of the course itself and what we will be covering. 


We will take a deep dive into the Canadian immigration system and you will understand the most common programs/pathways that are available to you. By taking this information and being given structured reflection exercises, you will start to form the basis of your Immigration Blueprint. 

By the end of this session you will have an understanding of the immigration programs and how they relate to you, how to classify your work experience for your immigration application, and action steps to start your journey.


A key component to our holistic approach to Canadian Immigration is settlement. Apart from being successful in coming to Canada, we are equally interested for you to maximize your skills to thrive in your new home. We will be addressing some common areas that you can pre-plan your seamless transition to Canada.

By the end of this session you will understand the important pieces of pre-settlement planning; appreciate how to approach your on-the-ground planning and understand effective strategies to transition to Canada.


You now have the essential knowledge required to make informed decisions and understand your situation as it relates to the Canadian immigration and settlement. It is now time to start finalizing your Immigration Blueprint where we will consolidate the data and draft your tactical plan of attack for immigration and settlement to Canada.

By the end of this session you will bring this together into your blueprint to fill in the pieces that you need to complete this strategic document. You will have a near complete to complete picture at this point of your plan.


You are now equipped with your custom-made Immigration Blueprint which is your comprehensive starting point to your second passport in Canada. The final day of the course will review some of the most important points from the previous days and discuss how to act on your Canadian future by putting your plan into action.

It is my sincere wish for you that at this point you have everything you need to take deliberate action as you now have a very thorough understanding of Canada and your pathway to your new home!


Brandon Miller is a seasoned Immigration Professional and Educator, whose unwavering sense of integrity, and professionalism have earned him the reputation as an “Immigration Superhero” and innovative leader across Canada and beyond.

As a world-traveled professional, Brandon has been imparted with a deep understanding of a multitude of different cultures, enabling him to better serve his clientele who are equally as diverse.

For over a decade he has assisted new immigrants in not only settling in but taking the action steps necessary to succeed in their new home. This experience grants him the ability to take a holistic approach to an individual’s migration.

Each day, Brandon Miller is deeply inspired by his clients who face untold adversity to create a better life for not only themselves, but their loved ones. Brandon is grateful for the opportunity to make people’s dreams a reality, which he finds both rewarding and humbling.

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Rebecca & Ren, USA

"Before the Course, we had discussed moving internationally to live and work, having talked about both Canada as well as New Zealand.
The Course provided us with a step-by-step process to follow and a way of understanding the immigration system. It helped us clarify the order of tasks to tackle and held us accountable to follow-through!
We would recommend the Course for individuals who are serious about immigrating and have the desire to see it through."


Winda, Indonesia


"After brief consultation with Brandon, he advised me to take the course which I happily and enthusiastically joined.
After taking the course, I know now what I need to do and what steps I need to take. By the end of the course, I have clear roadmap from where I need to start and the goal I want to achieve.  
I definitely recommend the course to anyone who wants to know more about moving to Canada. One thing I learnt from Brandon is to never take all information from internet but instead to look from trusted source. I want to say thank you for Brandon and his team, they definitely will be my chosen agent to help me with my immigration process to Canada.