The DIY Path To Immigrate To Canada As An International Student

Securing Your 2nd Passport Can’t Wait Another year

4.9 stars - Based on 131 Reviews

The DIY Path To Immigrate To Canada As A Student

Securing Your 2nd Passport Can’t Wait Another year

4.8 stars - Based on 126 Reviews

Step By Step Plan For YOU

Stop wasting your time googling around and get overwhelmed by the information on this topic....

This course is designed to help you craft a plan specific to your situation and needs.

Immigrating to Canada is a LOT easier if you have a plan to follow. The proven path we’ll lay out for you will help you secure your second passport as fast as possible.


Helping You All the Way Through

Your Immigration process is something personal and you may hit some bumps in the road!

Inside the program, we help you from start to finish and hold your hand through the immigration process, and submitting your file, so that you’re never second guessing.



Step-by-Step Videos with Roadmap

Easy to understand video-based course that systematically guides you to complete your application. You are given access to our proprietary step-by-step roadmap which provides you everything needed so you stay on track while proactively preparing you for the next steps.

Downloadable Material

To compliment the comprehensive video lessons, you are given access to comprehensive resources that are necessary to prepare a professional and complete application. This course gives you access to downloadable templates, primers, and checklists to keep you on track throughout the course.

Access to Our Team

We are here with you to support you throughout your entire journey. If you need any help or have questions throughout the course you are given access to a passionate group of immigration professionals who are available and happy to assist and guide you where needed.

Are You Ready To Take The Next Best Step In Your Immigration Journey?

What's Included

DIY International Student to Worker Program

$497 USD

  • Access to recorded videos which walk you through the entire course
  • Receive a step-by-step roadmap on how to complete the course
  • Receive comprehensive resources, primers, templates, and documents that will keep you on track
  • Access to Access to Public Group for General Information and Announcements
  • Access to our professional team to ask any questions throughout the course

Who Is This For?

The DIY International Student Course
is for you if:


✅ You meet all of the requirements to apply for a Post-Graduate Work Permit, including completing an education program at an eligible DLI in Canada that was at least 8 months; maintained full-time status during your study; have received your transcript and official letter of completion; and it has been less than 180 from the time you completed your studies

✅ You are currently a student in Canada looking for the next step in your Canadian journey & understand that you may benefit from not only immigration advice but workplace advice.

✅ You’re willing to put in the work and complete the course in a timely manner


The DIY International Student Course
is NOT for you if:


❌ You're not willing to put in the work and do the course on your own

❌ You do not meet the requirements to apply for a PGWP and/or became medically or criminally inadmissible during your study visa

❌ You’re looking for someone to do your application for you

❌ You will not ask for help if you need it so the Second Passport Team can support you