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Step By Step Plan For YOU

Stop wasting your time googling around and get overwhelmed by the information on this topic....

The Immigration Success System ™ is designed to help you craft a plan specific to your situation and needs.

Immigrating to Canada is a LOT easier if you have a plan to follow. The proven path we’ll lay out for you will help you secure your second passport as fast as possible.


Get Expert Feedback & Help

Are you ever doubting if you’re “doing it right”?

This is a holistic approach to your immigration process and although there are ways to avoid, being able to get personalized feedback will help make this a stress-free experience.

You’ll get to chat with our team of experts and get your questions answered anytime!

Helping You All the Way Through

Your Immigration process is something personal and you may hit some bumps in the road!

Inside the program, we help you from start to finish and hold your hand through the immigration process so that you’re never second guessing.


You’re Never Alone

Our number one goal is to help you immigrate to Canada, and we will never give up on you!

When you enroll in the program, no matter where you are in your immigration process, you’ll be able to connect with, get direct help, feedback, motivation and support from our expert and your fellow expats every step of the way in our private community.

Abi & Louis

Secured their Permanent Residency in Canada in 2020


"There was instant relief and our immigration journey changed from the minute we decided to work with Brandon and his team. "

I am a British citizen, I grew up in the same place my entire life (Suffolk, England). My husband (Louis) and I have always loved Canada.

How It Started

This was, by all means, an extremely challenging journey. We entered it blind, which I would not recommend.

To make a very long story short, our visas were not handled and we ended up in a very stressful situation, which is when we found Brandon, through recommendation of the ICCRC.

How It's Going

After our initial consultation with Brandon, we realized what a immigration consultant SHOULD be. He explained the whole process of obtaining permanent residency to us. 

I felt so much more organized and like I knew what I was doing and why, it was empowering, rather than feeling lost and constantly wondering what was happening, which is how we felt before we began working with Brandon.

I do not think we could have done it without Brandon and his team. Not only do they provide the knowledge and expertise, but emotional support. I found this journey extremely difficult, and Brandon was always there to provide support and reassurance which is one thing that money cannot buy!

How does it work 

The Immigration Success System


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Planning Stage

The Planning Stage is a two-step process. It begins with the discovery step or initial consultation to determine the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective options for the client to immigrate to Canada. It ends with the creation of your Immigration Blueprint, which is a personalized plan designed to execute the application to maximize its success through all stages of The Immigration Success System™.

Implementation Stage

The three step Implementation Stage begins with the building of the application and is guided by the Immigration Blueprint. The next step is the successful application submission and ends with planning and preparation for the final step of the implementation stage - landing and becoming a Permanent Resident of Canada.

Settlement Stage

The Settlement Stage begins with formulating a unique pre-settlement plan designed to ensure your successful transition into life in Canada and provide you with a framework to a successful settlement advantage over others and ends with you achieving your ultimate goal of Canadian Citizenship.



Secured his Permanent Residency in Canada in 2018


"Once we arrived in Canada, Brandon was there to greet us and even a year after we have landed he is still very supportive"

I was born in Australia however I was living and working in Hong Kong with my wife for several years.

How It Started

Originally, it was difficult to find credible information online. We would scour forums which were not that helpful, searching for answers that confirmed our bias and what we wanted to hear.

This left us very confused and not knowing what to do.

How It's Going

Brandon and his team were a huge help throughout the entire process. We would probably still be stuck in Hong Kong unable to travel if it wasn’t for their help.

His team helped manage our expectations surrounding timelines which was a big help because the most consuming factor through the entire process is the anxiety surrounding how long some stages occur. Having clear timelines helped us sleep at night!

What's Included?

Premium Class Program*
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$1997 USD

  • Challenge Blueprint w/ Upgrade option
  • 30 Min Private Immigration Onboarding Call/Meeting
  • Access to All courses required for your immigration plan & all Future Course Updates
  • Access to the Private Member Community for Specialized Information and Questions
  • Regular “LIVE” Private Member Check in Meetings
  • School Admission Assistance to Support Study Permits
  • 20% Discount on All Personalized Consultations


Secured her Permanent Residency in Canada in 2019


"I went in the car and called Brandon but before he could say anything I stated, "hit me with it." Brandon's reply was, "you got it, your PR application has approved, it's over!"

I was born in Jamaica however I was living and working in London,UK since 2005 .

How It Started

After getting the biometrics done, I thought yes, my application will be approved soon, and I shouldn`t have any other issues as a British Citizen. To my surprise and horror, two weeks later a refusal letter came to my IRCC account in the afternoon stating that I have used my maximum time on international work travel permit for London, UK citizen.

At this time, I only had two weeks remaining on my visa. This left us very confused and not knowing what to do.

How It's Going

I had my consultation with Brandon who went through the whole process with me in detail. He was extremely informative, knew his job and was being realistic about the different possibilities of a successful and refusal applications. I loved his work ethics and ethos

I am forever grateful to Brandon and his team for their great service and would use them in the future!

Who Is This For?

The Immigration Success System is for you if:


✅ You’re a planner looking for a realistic plan to secure your canadian passport as soon as possible

✅ You are a good fit to Canada and will adapt well to life in Canada

✅ You speak fluent English or French (or are willing to learn)

✅ You’re excited about what Canada has to offer and all of its benefits: education, healthcare, politics, environment, retirement or childcare benefits,...

✅ You’re looking for support and not just another bank of information that doesn’t pertain to your situation

The Immigration Success System is NOT for you if:


❌ You're not willing to put in the work it takes to go through the process

❌ You're not a planner and someone that’s serious about immigrating to Canada

❌ You don’t plan on actually immigrating and living in Canada at some point

❌ You have a complicated immigration history of refusals where having professional representation is highly recommended (in that case click here).

❌  You're not interested in educating yourself or taking the time to understand the process.


Please note all courses are for educational purposes and the Second Passport team does not represent your file. Additionally, all questions or concerns you have are limited to the purchased course that accompanies your Premium Class purchase.