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About Brandon Miller

Brandon provides a unique insight which will have you convinced that a Second Passport is not just nice-to-have, but a life-transforming investment. For more than a decade, Brandon has been involved in immigration and settlement of newcomers to Canada. He has operated a boutique immigration practice, Maple Immigration Services, and his book, Second Passport, addresses why having options for the future is more important than ever. His approach has led to the development of The Immigration Success System which is comprised of three stages (Planning, Implementation, & Settlement), broken down into eight steps, which Brandon has used to help thousands of people immigrate and settle in Canada.

Strategically, Canada is well positioned to provide you financial and job options, as well as free healthcare. Brandon believes that having a Second Passport is the key for people who want to plan ahead for the future and have viable alternatives. Whether it’s parents planning the prosperity of their children and future generations, or individuals looking ahead to expand their careers, or establish financial stability for their own retirement, the benefits of a Second Passport are numerous and surprising to most.

Second Passport: Your Guide to a Secure Alternative Home for You and Your Family... Just in Case

For more than a decade, author and immigration specialist Brandon Miller has been helping people successfully plan and execute a successful Canadian Immigration Application and kickstart their life in Canada seamlessly. This book will give you a simple approach from a seasoned professional which will teach you how to: 

  • Effectively plan your application and your successful future in Canada;

  • Avoid the most common mistakes that people make with their application;

  • Navigate the Canadian Immigration system like a professional;

  • Plan and get off to a great start in Canada;

  • Settle into Canada and use your skills to leap ahead of everyone else.

 Podcast Guesting 

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  • Why having a Second Passport and a second option is so important now
  • Advantages and disadvantages to Americans attending university in Canada
  • Benefits of the worker mobility for digital nomads and remote workers
  • How millennials can achieve financial independence and retire early (FIRE) utilizing a Second Passport