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Discover how to navigate the competitive landscape of Canadian Permanent Residence applications, and know EXACTLY what it takes to be successful and secure your spot with confidence.

You know how challenging Immigration to Canada has become...

don't gamble with your future or the future of your family. DIY options are unpredictable; dangerous; & can not be trusted as Canadian Immigration is changing right before your eyes. However there is hope and there is a solution...
The In Canada Mastermind‚ĄĘ¬†will change all of that by giving you the info you need right now!

You've come a long way and you owe it to yourself and your future.

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Globe and Mail - Feb 02, 2024
IRCC Immigration Levels Plan 2024

Reserve Your Seat for $48
Reset Your Situation in 1 Day

You require FULL clarity on your situation and understanding the context of the Canadian Immigration system as is relates to you.
You must understand all of the variables so that you can effectively plan and survive to your ultimate goal....

From This

‚ĚƬ†Confusion¬†& Frustration
‚ĚƬ†Noise from the Internet
Bad/Outdated Info
‚ĚƬ†Sleepless Nights

To This

✅ Clarity of your Journey
✅ Calmness in Knowing
‚úÖ Confidence in Future

✅ Freedom from Chaos

Reserve Your Seat for $48

ūüďÖ¬†1 Day¬† ‚ŹĪÔłŹ 4hours¬†¬†ūü§ĚūüŹĽ In Person¬†¬†

with Brandon Miller RCIC

Our Small Group Format, ensures maximum benefit. We will roll up our sleeves and work together around a board room table. All information, Ask anything and NO FLUFF - REAL ANSWERS!

Reserve Your Seat for $48

The Mission   |   The  Agenda   |   The Results

The Mission

To simplify your journey to Canadian Permanent Residency by providing you crucial guidance and information, so you will have the clarity you need to succeed.

The Agenda

  1. The Current Reality of Canadian Immigration
  2. Understanding of How to Adapt Your Journey
  3. Your Timelines & Planning Properly 
  4. Leveraging Employment to your Benefit
  5. Back-up Plans & Extending your Status 

The Results

  1. Awareness on how to maneuver in the System
  2. Strategic Multi-Level Planning
  3. Knowing What to Do & When to do it
  4. Calculated work for immigration purposes  
  5. Alternate Plans & Backups well in advance 
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 Clement P.

Philippines (Currently in Toronto)

Originally from Cagayan de Oro, Philippines, Clement is currently a student in the Culinary Management program at Centennial College in Toronto, Ontario. Clement participated in the Mastermind to gain further knowledge and information on his future pathways, not only academically, but personally and professionally.



Philippines (Currently in Toronto)

Currently a student in the International Business Management (IBT) program at Fleming College Toronto, Fe was born and raised in Davao, Philippines, and has worked for many years in Doha, Qatar. Motivated by her drive for personal growth and career advancement, she pursued further education and participated in the Mastermind to equip herself with the knowledge to  progress her professional/personal aspirations.

In-Person / Live Event

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Brandon is a Canadian government approved Immigration Consultant with CICC and is the founder of Maple Immigration Services. Brandon is passionate about everything immigration and enjoys not only helping people to come to Canada but seeing that they get integrated into the country. Although Brandon‚Äôs main focus is to provide immigration legal services, he has worked as a settlement counsellor; a volunteer to the regulatory body; and a teacher at a local college where he enjoys teaching and mentoring new immigration students. Brandon currently sits on the¬†Queen's University National Advisory Committee which advises on the Graduate Diploma in Immigration and Citizenship Law. Brandon is a published author (Second Passport) is the creator of "The Immigration Success System‚ĄĘ" which is a complete solution for immigrating & settling successfully in Canada.
Reserve Your Seat for $48