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For more than a decade, author and immigration specialist Brandon Miller has been helping people successfully plan and execute a successful Canadian Immigration Application and kickstart their life in Canada seamlessly. This book will give you a simple approach from a seasoned professional which will teach you how to:

✅ Effectively plan your application and your successful future in Canada;

✅ Avoid the most common mistakes that people make with their application;

✅ Navigate the Canadian Immigration system like a professional;

✅ Plan and get off to a great start in Canada;

✅ Settle into Canada and use your skills to leap ahead of everyone else.

Get a copy of this invaluable resource TODAY and empower yourself with Brandon Miller's no-nonsense process that has already helped thousands of people call Canada their home.

The Immigration Success System™

Being successful with Immigration to Canada is no different than being successful with anything else in life. You need to have a goal and then you need a plan to reach that goal, but you already know this as this is what has lead to all of your success in life thus far.

Once you have decided that a Canadian Second Passport is something that you want, you will then require a well-crafted and personalized strategic plan (or and Immigration Blueprint as we call it), so that you can take action on your future.

Taking this plan you move forward to implementation of your plan, which you will do in very tactical manner, while having contingencies in place that will allow you to be able to adapt to the shifting immigration environment.

The Planning Stage

The Planning Stage is a two-step process. First, we determine the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective options for the client to immigrate to Canada. This phase culminates with the creation of your Immigration Blueprint, which is a personalized plan designed to maximize its success through all stages of the Immigration journey.

The Implementation Stage

The Implementation Stage is comprised of three straightforward steps. First, we start by putting together your application, following the guidelines set out in your Blueprint. Next, we focus on seamlessly submitting your application. This leads us to the final step of this stage: preparing for your arrival in Canada & your quest to Permanent Residency.

The Settlement Stage

The Settlement Stage begins with formulating a unique pre-settlement plan designed to ensure your successful transition into life in Canada and provide you with a framework to a successful settlement advantage over others. This stage ends with you achieving your ultimate goal of Canadian Citizenship and a life that you have designed for yourself.

The Three Stages of the Immigration Success System are designed to meet your immigration and settlement goals so you can obtain your Second Passport.

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The Author

Fresh out of university, Brandon Miller left for South Korea, which he thought was going to be a year of teaching English before returning to law school. Instead, he got more than he planned for. This year forever changed his life and started him on the path to having a positive impact on not only his clients and their families but generations to come that will call Canada their home.

It was only by mistake, a little investigation, and series of serendipitous events that allowed Brandon to shift gears from the education industry to his Canadian immigration calling. What is most ironic is even as a native-born Canadian with a long lineage in Canada he had to reintegrate himself back to Canada after being away for so long.

He identifies with the same challenges that his clients face, as he returned to Canada with a wife that he now had to sponsor in the immigration system and an infant child that he wanted to grow up under a Canadian value system. 

Brandon operates Maple Immigration Services, a boutique immigration practice in Toronto, Canada, where he has helped countless people find their way to Canadian shores and settle in successfully to their new home. Brandon first and foremost is a proud Canadian who sees himself as a nation builder responsible for shaping the Canada of tomorrow with its true asset—the people who call Canada their home.

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