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A lot of thought has gone into our service offerings and they’ve been designed in order to provide you maximum flexibility to design your journey to a Second Passport. The services that we provide are as follows:

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The Immigration Success System


The Immigration Success System™ was conceived and created by Brandon Miller who over the course of a decade, has used this system to help thousands of people immigrate and settle in Canada. The system is comprised of Three Stages (Planning, Implementation, & Settlement) that are further broken down into Eight Distinct Steps.

The three stages of The Immigration Success System are designed to meet your immigration/ settlement goals so you can obtain your Second Passport and thrive in Canada!

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You are empowered with a system that you can follow, gives you the choice of your journey; and educates you where it matters most.

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2nd Passport Testimonials

Jason S (Australia) 

We began our immigration journey with confusion, seeking help from online forums and unreliable sources. The country we were living in started to show signs of political uncertainty and we had nowhere else to go. It was very difficult, time consuming and constantly filled with anxiety. Once we met with Brandon and his team, their holistic process to immigration simplified everything. We instantly knew we were in good hands. From the first consultation, to landing at the airport and settling in, they have always been there to help us. Without Brandon and his team's hard work and dedication, we would not be enjoying our current life in Toronto with the latest edition to our family - a puppy called Bane.

Arielle A (Philippines) 

My husband and I were living in a country we knew would be temporary. We started seeking a country we could make our permanent home – Canada. The immigration process was confusing, time-consuming and filled with misinformation online. We talked to several different immigration consultants, but Brandon and his team were, by far, the best and most detailed. They simplified the process and took care of us every step of the way and went above and beyond, even helping us settle in Canada. We don’t know what we would’ve done without Brandon and his team and are forever grateful to now be living our “dream life” in Toronto. 

Gurkiran R (India) 

If Brandon takes your case, consider it done! That sentence summarizes my experience with him over the past 2 years.  Brandon is positively forthright in his correspondence leaving no room for any ambiguity or misinterpretation. I availed his services in a time of distress, where an uncertain future was knocking at my doorstep; however, after just first meeting with Brandon, all my anxiety was pacified. A few months later I landed in Canada, and without a second thoughtI wish him and his wonderful staff the very best of everything going forward as he is making a real difference by acting as a rightful guide for so many people in their journey to immigrate to Canada.

Sara T (Singapore)

I approached Brandon and his team after exhausting all options to be able to work in Canada. I was about ready to go home to my country after a very difficult several months. From the first consultation, his thorough explanation of the immigration process made me feel at ease. He's been essential in helping me every step of the way, and he and his team clearly care for each and every client. Without their exemplary dedication, I would not have been able to achieve my goals of having a comfortable life here in Canada. 

Abigail & Louis C (United Kingdom) 

We found the immigration process confusing and overwhelming, which is why we decided to seek help. We met with Brandon following a prior negative experience with other immigration consultants & lawyers. We found him to be clear and concise about what we needed to do, and all confusion was instantly gone. Brandon and his team are kind, patient, and experts at what they do. Our family can't thank Brandon and his team enough for guiding us through this journey, he really has gone above and beyond to help us reach our end goal. 

Immigration to Canada and all aspects related to moving/relocating to a new country are complicated. Due to the personalized and unique nature of an individual’s situation, there are several factors that need to be considered. Brandon Miller and the Second Passport Team are harmless in all respects whatsoever and you are being provided with educational content.