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On Demand DIY Courses

DIY Tourist (TRV) Visa

This course is for people who plan to visit Canada as a tourist
and require a Visitor Visa!

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DIY IEC Course

This course is for people who want to apply for an IEC work permit under the Working Holiday or Young Professional Streams. 

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DIY Citizenship Course

This Course is for Canadian Permanent Residents who are ready to apply for Canadian Citizenship! 

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Courses with File Review

DIY CEC Course/File Review

This course is for people who have worked in Canada & who are ready to submit a Canadian Experience Class Application.

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DIY FSW Course/File Review

This course is for people who have at least one year of skilled work experience and would like to immigrate to Canada.

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DIY Spousal Sponsorship Course

This Course is for people who are ready to sponsor their Married/Common Law partner and settle in Canada.

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Membership Programs

Group Bridging Program

This Group Program is for people to understand everything they need to plan and execute on their settlement/future in Canada!

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Private Client Program

This is a fully managed/executed solution for people who want to have all work completed for them by a dedicated professional team

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