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The Second Passport Story

I have been amazed at what people will do to make Canada their home and how much it means to be Canadian. After many years of being overseas, I returned home and decided to welcome the world into my Canadian home after being welcomed myself into so many homes in my time overseas.

Over the years, I have helped many people make Canada their home and feel proud at the part that I have played in the nation building of Canada with strong and diverse people. After seeing the positive impact and lifechanging opportunities my team and I were having on our clients through Maple Immigration Services, we set about an ambitious mission to increase our positive impact on the world.

In 2019 at our annual meeting something which we call the “Maple State of the Union” we decide on our goals for the upcoming year and go over what we achieved the previous year.

As it was 2020, the choice was made to make it our mission to positively impact and help 1 million people make Canada their home over a 10-year period. Many think it’s crazy (initially – I might add) for such an audacious number, but we believe that we can achieve it and to do this the following needed to happen:

  1. We need to remove the barrier of cost so that we are not eliminating the ability of good people who might not be able to come to Canada due to their current financial situation.

  2. We need to be able to leverage our time so that I can positively impact “our chosen million”. This is mathematically not possible in a 1 to 1 representation model that currently exists.

  3. We need to have a system (The Immigration Success System ™) that would empower people to be able to get the understanding and the knowledge that they needed to be successful.

All of this put together has led to a System; a Book; and DIY Courses to educate and enable the layperson to proceed in an informed professional manner.

You now have a Pathway – Welcome Home!

Why Second Passport?

After 10 years we are innovating in an industry and increasing our impact with great people like you. By having a system that is easily understood and repeatable, we are expanding your limited choices from going at it yourself vs. paying for a higher fee per hour service. Second Passport gives you the control to design your journey and empower you with the proper knowledge required for your success!

The difference between success and failure in making Canada your home all boils down to the same things that most successes account for in life. You need to have an understanding, a realistic and actionable plan, and you need the action to put it in place to succeed. You can choose to do this yourself, have some professional help, or you can have it all done for you!

We're so excited to go through this journey with you, click below to learn more about the people who will support you the entire way!

The Second Passport Team