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 Secure Your Future in Canada 

For over a decade we have helped Forward Thinking Professionals create multi-generational options for the future. We do this by helping to secure a Canadian Second Citizenship while showing them how to unlock the “Dream” life that they deserve.

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Why is it that some people make it to Canada and do AMAZINGLY well while others don’t?


Simply, they have a plan guided by professional advice where they need it! Our clients want/deserve more, and they understand that migrating to a new country properly requires expert advice and personalized solutions. Our clients recognize the need to have an entire framework which is adaptable and accompanied by a professional plan which takes them from where they are now to their ultimate goal and NOT just to the next step.

 If you are ONLY relying on publicly available information on the internet, your friends/family or someone who is only paid to get you to Canada, then we invite you to explore further…


Global/Worker Mobility, Tax Benefits, Environmental Security, Retirement Benefits.


Free Healthcare is a right that is given to everyone residing in Canada.


Affordable & Quality Education for Kids/Grandkids, Ability to Pass Down Citizenship Generationally.

Getting to Canada is not good enough...

We know once you start looking at migrating to Canada it may seem daunting, or you may even be confused about where or how to start. We get it as most people begin their journey this way. In reality there are three pathways/lines to Canada and our goal is to get you onto the green line pathway to Canada.

By understanding your situation, we can get you on the green line to Canada quickly and efficiently so you can start making informed decisions about your future.

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Complete Framework =  Unfair Advantage

We have a process that has led to success for our clients and continues to be the reason that our clients thrive. Our framework has been developed for over a decade and is based on 3 Key Outcomes

Key Outcome One

Proven Pathway

Any journey needs a destination, and some journeys have multiple pathways that need to be connected and implemented at the proper time. We call this “Proven” as we understand what needs to be done and how to properly execute which we have done for our clients for over a decade. We will work with you to “Connect the Dots” where and when they need to be connected.

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Key Outcome Two

Dynamic Control

Successfully migrating to Canada means your journey must be adaptable with built in contingencies as this is the reality of an ever-evolving Immigration system. Most people react to changes and rely on old information, which is not their fault as they don’t understand anything different. We show you how to plan and give you advanced intelligence to proactively control your success.

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Key Outcome Three

Realized Potential

We want you to not only make it here but take yourself from ordinary to thriving. We believe that “Life-shaping” is key to your happiness and lays the foundation for a successful future in Canada. There is no single definition for any one person but it is essential that you unlock, this for yourself by putting the proper building blocks in place. We understand the building blocks you need and will work with you to put them together.

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Our Success Stories

"There was instant relief and our immigration journey changed from the minute we decided to work with Brandon. "

Abi & Louis

Secured their Permanent Residency in Canada in 2020

“Once we arrived in Canada, Brandon was there to greet us and even a year after we have landed he is still very supportive”

Jason S

Secured their Permanent Residency in Canada in 2018

“What I really like about this team is how they keep their communication with us prompt, honest and straightforward.”

Sunshine L.

Secured their Permanent Residency in Canada in 2022

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Over 10 years of expert experience backed by professionals
A proven system that has helped countless people immigrate to Canada
We show you the quickest, easiest, and most cost effective pathway

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