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Reducing the Anxiety that Surrounds an Immigration Application

canadian immigration May 18, 2022

Immigrating and moving to a new country, whether it be for permanent or temporary reasons, can be nerve-wracking. Being on a work permit, or a study permit, where your status in Canada is limited can cause anxiety especially when there are constant changes that are happening, and what might have been true at the beginning of an application process, might not reign true now.

As such it depends on the person and the way that you confront your application, as for some they can detach but for most (and understandably) they are emotionally invested in the whole process.

I have seen this time and time again over the years and the intention of this article is to discuss some strategies you can reduce the anxiety when it comes to immigrating to Canada and the immigration journey.

Following in Their Footsteps
Firstly, you need to understand where that nervousness stems from and how to overcome it. Moving to a new place isn’t easy and that fear of the unknown can be panic-inducing. If you think about it, what you’re doing isn’t innovative or new. Settlers have been coming to Canada for hundreds and hundreds of years. Your parents and ancestors may also be immigrants to their current places of residence.

People have been moving to different countries around the globe for many centuries and it was even more challenging in ancient times, without technology or when you had to hop on a ship. While there have been advancements, most of the feelings and the process are still pretty much the same. However, now you can simply hop on a flight, get an Airbnb, and get settled. But really, the anxiety of immigration that was present 100 years ago is still present today.

Usually, people move out of necessity because they're looking for a better life, or opportunity/options for the future of their current country is undergoing war or strife. Human beings are all the same in that they value security, and this could be security that is imminent or security that is a result of planning for themselves or future generations. Understanding your capabilities and that what you’re about to do is achievable can help alleviate immigration anxiety. Leaving your comfort zone and settling in Canada can even make you grow as a person and there are countless examples of people who have arrived and flourished.

Learning to Ask for Help & Being Honest with Your Limitations
Sometimes, anxiety is unavoidable so knowing how to ask for proper help can make a big difference. When we speak to those interested in Canada, you can tell just by speaking with them if they have a good grasp on this process or if they need advice. Truly, the people who “think” that they have it all figured out are the ones that truly scare me as they feel that they have gotten all the information they need and then they push forward. Again, I know there are people who certainly can do this but there are many that have a false sense that they are fine when in fact speaking with them, they are truly not. Ultimately, it starts with you and understanding yourself.

Many people create their own anxiety by spending too much time online, comparing themselves to other people's situations, and wondering if the same bad things will happen to them. There have been many clients in the past, one person, who was notorious for this. She, unfortunately, had a bad experience with an immigration representative which resulted in her status being jeopardized. After having your trust and security broken like that, anxiety can result in having things go out of your control.

She would spend a lot of time online, looking at different forums and advice, while panicking over things that could go wrong. I would spend a great deal of time having her understand that she was just fine and telling her to stop working herself up online, when in fact everything was fine with her file. Sadly, she let her own apprehension and fear take over when there was no basis for it, and I can say that she made it through the process unscathed with our guidance and she is now a PR today.

Some people will want to do everything themselves and think hiring an immigration consultant is not worth the money. What they may not realize is that you’re not paying for someone to just fill out forms, but in fact, they’re paying for that peace of mind.

Having a representative deal with the file on your behalf can help reduce your anxiety. Someone has your back and can guide you on this sometimes-confusing immigration process. We like to see ourselves as the guide and when you are sitting in bed wondering what happened to your file in the black box of the immigration department, we have been there before and can let you know if things are fine or if they are amiss.

This past client noted above is a perfect example of someone who knew their limitations and was aware that they need to ask for help and have someone there that they could call when they had those doubts creeping in.

The Immigration System & The Reality of Processing
Most importantly that it must be underscored again that your level of understanding of the whole process must be considered. This might sound basic in nature, but most are not fully aware of all the intricate details that are involved with coming to Canada successfully. It is very common to not know all the eligibility requirements or information required for an application or what happens after the file is submitted or what to do if their file gets refused.

While many do prepare and plan, they mostly get their information on the IRCC website. A common misconception is that not all the relevant immigration data is available on the IRCC webpage. The IRCC website is not the law, and the forms are not the complete checklist of what is required. This is the main cause of confusion where people misinterpret their expectations of the immigration process. You must understand that the IRCC website is just a user-friendly version of immigration details that the department has put out there. This is not how they're assessing your application, and this is not how they are going to make their final decision.

While you can talk to other people about their experiences, everyone’s journey is unique. What happens to someone else may not be the same for you. But realizing the possible outcomes and immigration options that are available to you is still useful.

Final Thoughts
If you have special circumstances or your case is not straightforward, it is worth considering getting professional advice. While financial limitations are valid, ultimately the information you get can be priceless. You might pay a one-time fee that will help you and your family for a lifetime. But it all starts with you. Overcome that anxiety so you can immigrate to Canada by understanding the process and how it relates to your and your situation while having a plan in place to deal with changes that will happen.

If you have any questions or want to press ahead with finding out your immigration pathways, please reach out to Second Passport and we’re happy to get you started properly on your journey so that it can be an amazing experience for you and your family!

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