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What to Include in a Visitor Visa Letter of Invitation?

tourist visa visitor visa Jun 01, 2022

 You’re getting married in the summer in Toronto and you want your grandparents from the Philippines to be there. Or it’s the holidays and you want to invite your old high school friend from India to celebrate Christmas here. Maybe your cousin from Iran has a business opportunity in Vancouver that he wants to explore.

For whatever reason, if someone wants to apply for a Visitor Visa to come to Canada, they should provide a letter from an inviter. This letter of invitation is extremely important for the file as it explains the purpose of the trip and why the applicant needs this Visa and in a lot of instances, this letter could be the main factor in the file being approved. Letters of invitation are provided in good faith that the applicant’s intentions to visit Canada are valid.

What Information Needs to be Included in the Letter of Invitation?
Everyone’s reasons for coming to Canada are different but the letter should include the following information for each applicant: 

  • complete name,
  • date of birth,
  • current complete address,
  • telephone number,
  • their relationship to the inviter, specify whether they are a friend, family member, etc.,
  • the purpose for the trip, specify whether it is for a certain event, occasion, or business reason,
  • An itinerary of what they will do in Canada, specify the locations, dates, and activities,
  • how long the person plans to stay in Canada, specify the approximate time,
  • where the person will stay, whether it is at the same address as the inviter or another accommodation,
  • how the applicant will pay for things, whether they will pay for things themselves or have a financial supporter,
  • And the date when the person plans to leave Canada.

Who Can be an Inviter and What do They Need to Provide?
Now that we have covered the details of what should be on the letter for the applicant, we can look at who will be providing this document. By identifying the inviter, you can narrow down the information needed. The inviter will depend on your situation but: 

  • They should be either a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident,
    • Of note, in past have used people who are here on temporary status for a long time in a senior role, and they have been able to articulate the reason for inviting the person well.
  • They can be family, friends, or work colleagues outlining the reason and length of the visit.
  • If the inviter is a company or employer for a business visit, then it must be an individual that can be contacted regarding the Visitor Visa application.

The inviter must provide the following details about themselves:

  • complete name,
  • date of birth,
  • address in Canada,
  • telephone number in Canada,
  • current job title (if applicable),
  • state in the letter whether you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • their relationship to the applicant (e.g., brother, parent, child, friend, boss, etc.)
    • If it is an individual representing a company or business, they can sign the letter and put the letter on company letterhead, so the information is available.

Documents Supporting the Invitation Letter
The information on the letter should match and be verified by the documents being included in the application. The inviter can supply documents for: 

1. proof of their status in Canada

  • If they are Canadian citizens, they will have to supply:
    • a Canadian birth certificate or
    • a Canadian citizenship card.
  • If they are permanent residents, they will have to supply:
    • a copy of their PR card or
    • their IMM 1000 proof of landing.

2. Proof of their current residency in Canada. Examples can include:

  • Utility bill or phone bill showing their address
  • Driver’s license or photo ID with their address

 3. Documentation that supports the purpose and reason for the visit. Examples can include:

  • Wedding invitations
  • Graduation or convocation letters
  • Doctor’s letter stating an expected due date or medical procedure
  • Conference or business event
  • Death certificate 

Parent and Grandparent Super Visa
The letter of invitation for parents or grandparents applying for a Super Visa must contain specific information. The letter from the child or grandchild in Canada must show: 

  • Their family composition living in the household (how many dependents, including spouse, children, or other relatives, are financially dependent on the host).
  • Details of their family, such as names and dates of birth of their spouse and dependents,

Along with the invitation letter, they must also provide documents of financial support proving that their income is above the LICO for the total number of dependents and people, including the visiting parents or grandparents.

Final Notes
It is important to remember that the information above is just a guide and you can craft the letter however you like. You can include the details that are relevant to your case, but you should have the documents to support it as well. If the main purpose of the trip is for the applicant to come to your wedding, then be prepared to have proof such as wedding invitations, receipts, or registry confirmation.

Be sure to check the country-specific requirements of the Visa office where the applicant is applying from. Different Visa offices have different requirements for the contents of the invitation letter depending on the purpose of the trip. Some visa offices may even require that the invitation letter be notarized.

While this letter of invitation is for support and can help the file, it does not guarantee that the applicant will be approved and get a Visitor Visa. There are many other factors that can affect the file decision, and this is only one document. The letter should entail all the necessary details for the trip to Canada.

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