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The DIY Toursit (TRV) Visa

Secure your visit to Canada today!

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The DIY Path To A Tourist Visa in Canada

Secure your visit to Canada today!

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Step-By-Step Plan For YOU

Unlock your path to Canadian immigration success with the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) course!

Our comprehensive program provides you with all the information, tools, and secrets you need to confidently complete a professional-grade application.


What's Inside the Course?

Step-by-Step Videos Roadmap

Easy to understand video-based course that systematically guides you to complete your TRV application. You are given access to our step-by-step roadmap which provides you everything needed to stay on track while proactively preparing you for the next steps.

Downloadable Material

To compliment the comprehensive video lessons, you are given access to comprehensive resources that are necessary to prepare a professional and complete TRV application. This course gives you access to downloadable templates, primers, and checklists to keep you on track throughout the course.

Access to Our Team

We are here with you to support you throughout your entire journey. If you need any help or have questions throughout the TRV course, our passionate group of immigration professionals is happy to assist and guide you where needed.

Helping You All the Way Through

Say goodbye to worries and hello to success as our comprehensive program also includes multiple one-on-one file review sessions with an experienced & accredited Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

Elevate your chances of success with the CEC course TODAY!



✅ You are planning to visit Canada and meet all the requirements for this program, including a valid passport/travel document; can convince the officer that you have ties to your home country and that you will leave Canada at the end of your visit; have enough money for to pay for your trip

✅ You’re a forward thinking person who is looking for a realistic plan to come to Canada

✅ You’re willing to put in the work and complete the course in a timely manner



❌ You're not willing to put in the work and do the course on your own

❌ You are not intending to come to Canada as a tourist and/or you do not meet the required qualifications of the program

❌ You’re looking for someone to do your application for you

❌ You will not ask for help if you need it so the Second Passport Team can support you

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What's Included?

DIY Tourist (TRV) Visa

$97 USD

  • Access to recorded videos which walk you through the entire course
  • Receive a step-by-step roadmap on how to complete the course
  • Receive comprehensive resources, primers, templates, and documents that will keep you on track
  • Access to our professional team to ask any questions throughout the course