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Elevate your Federal Skilled Worker application with our specialized course! Our comprehensive materials offer everything you need to simplify the application process, making it straightforward & stress-free. Start your journey with confidence and work to secure your Permanent Residence status effortlessly with Second Passport by your side!


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  1. Unlock your path to Canadian immigration success with the Federal Skilled Worker course!

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  4. Benefit from a Licensed Canadian Immigration Professional's feedback ensuring the highest quality application.


What's Inside the Course?


A video course that's simple to follow, leading you through the process of filling out your FSW application. You'll receive access to a detailed, specific and easy to follow videos, for each each step to ensure you're well-prepared and on track, while always preparing you for what's next.


Alongside the extensive video tutorials, you are provided with full resources essential for preparing a polished FSW application. The course includes downloadable templates, guides, & checklists to ensure you remain organized, efficient and on track throughout your application process.

Access to a Professional Team

Our dedicated team of immigration professionals are here to support you at every step of your journey. Should you require assistance, need clarifications or have any questions during the FSW course, our enthusiastic team members are ready to offer the help and guidance you need.

Structured Private Review Sessions

Access to FSW program materials is an essential first step, but you will also have milestone specific one-on-one sessions with a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant. The sessions offer tailored advice & support to solidify your progress, while ensuring you stay on track.


Course Outline

‚úÖ Introduction
✅ Course Overview
✅ Program Overview - FSW

‚úÖ Intro to Section
✅ Dependents
✅ Previous Relationships & History
✅ Accompanying Vs/ Non Accompanying
✅ Medical & Criminal inadmissability
✅ Red Flags for Immigration
✅ Strategic Planning and Decisions

‚úÖ Document Checklist
✅ EE Questionnaire
✅ Passports and Identity documents
✅ Civil Status documents
✅ Supporting Documentation - Dependent Spouse and/or Children
✅ Proof of Language Requirements
✅ Educational Documents and Assessments
✅ Introduction to the NOC
✅ Your Work Experience and the NOC
✅ Proof of Employment
✅ Creating a MyCIC Account
✅ EE Profile & Finalizing the Profile for Review

‚úÖ Submitting the Profile
✅ File Submitted / After File Submission Requests
✅ Your Points Summary & Strategy

‚úÖ Introduction
✅ PNP Nomination
✅ Requirements and Information
✅ To Submit an Application or Not
✅ Profile Submitted / After Profile Submission Requests

‚úÖ Introduction
✅ Invitation Received
✅ ITA Questionnaire
✅ Document Checklist
✅ Police Checks
✅ Medical Exams
✅ Travel History
✅ Proof of Common-Law
✅ Photos
✅ Translation and Notarizations
✅ Financial Documents
✅ Cover letter
✅ Your Application
✅ Finalizing the File for Review

‚úÖ Intro to the Section
✅ Submitting the Profile


‚úÖ Profile Submitted / After Profile Submission Requests
✅ Biometrics
✅ Other Document Requests
✅ Eligibility Requirements
✅ File Updates & PFLS
✅ How to do file updates

‚úÖ Intro to the Section
✅ Visa/Confirmation of PR Request
✅ Planning your Arrival
✅ PR Landing
✅ Congratulations and Permanent Resident Card
✅ Planning for Your future
✅ The Last Step in your Journey - Citizenship

Helping You All the Way Through

Say goodbye to worries and hello to success as our comprehensive program also includes multiple one-on-one file review sessions with an experienced & accredited Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

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✅ You have minimum of 1 year skilled work experience in within the last 10 years. 
✅ You meet or exceed the language proficiency requirements in either English or French.
✅ You have the ability to meet the required settlement funds as a condition of the program.
✅ You are not interested to apply to or are looking to live in Quebec.
✅ You can follow straight forward instructions and work independently in a timely manner


‚ĚĆ You don‚Äôt meet the eligibility requirements under¬†FSW program.
‚ĚĆ Your current points are quite low in the current draws and EE landscape.
‚ĚĆ Your work experience is complicated, and you may have trouble proving the experience.
‚ĚĆ You prefer to have full-service assistance with every step of the process.
‚ĚĆ You are not willing to put in the work and complete the course deliverables
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Brandon is a Canadian government approved Immigration Consultant with CICC and is the founder of¬†Maple Immigration Services. Brandon is passionate about everything immigration and enjoys not only helping people to come to Canada but seeing that they get integrated into the country. Although Brandon‚Äôs main focus is to provide immigration legal services, he has worked as a settlement counsellor; a volunteer to the regulatory body; and a teacher at a local college where he enjoys teaching and mentoring new immigration students. Brandon currently sits on the¬†Queen's University National Advisory Committee which advises on the Graduate Diploma in Immigration and Citizenship Law. Brandon is a published author (Second Passport) is the creator of¬†"The Immigration Success System‚ĄĘ"¬†which is a complete solution for immigrating & settling successfully in Canada.