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Studying in Canada for Americans Has Many Benefits

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3. The Big Picture: Student to Dual Citizen
4. Real Costs of Studying in Canada vs. the United States
5. Myths and Facts about Studying in Canada
6. Some Common Questions
7. How to Get Started

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World Class Education

Canada has a number of highly ranked institutions that compete with many Ivy League Schools worldwide

Affordable Tuition

Canadian International Tuition rates are a lot more affordable than many similarly ranked schools

International Experience

International Study and Cultural Experience for a global world available close to home in a safe country

Canadian Second Passport

Americans can hold two Citizenships & studying in Canada provides a direct pathway to many future opportunities

Benefits for Students

There are endless reasons why international students chose Canada as their destination for post-secondary education:
1. Canada has some top institutions in the world which are recognized in the United States for various industries
2. Proximity to home with similar cultures and values
3. Applying directly at a Canadian-US border for an easy application process
4. Experience a new country while setting yourself up for a global economy and job opportunities
5. Set yourself for other benefits such as free healthcare, a Canadian passport, and a promising future.

"Education is not only about what they teach you in school. An international education gives you perspective and valuable real world experience, that is priceless"  

Benefits for Parents

Simply put, studying in Canada allows you to:
1. Provide your Children with Excellent Quality Education
2. Save Money and not sacrificing retirement/investments 
3. Give your child an International Experience in a safe environment that is close to home
4. Give your child options for the future which allow them to navigate the world of tomorrow.
5. Set them up for a Dual Citizenship which affords them many benefits in health care, work, tax & travel options.

"Your job as a parent is to prepare your child for the world, through education & perspective. Second Passport is happy to partner with you and your family to make this happen!"

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